Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free PSN Codes

We're sure that you have spent countless hours searching for free psn codes and in the end you have most likely wasted your time on codes that don't work. We think that it's just a shame that people take advantage of people in that are looking for these codes. In the end it only hurts the people looking for these codes. However, we believe in redirecting people that are in need of free psn codes to websites that truly offer these codes.

So in this post we will be giving you the top 3 places to get free psn codes that actually come through and fuffil their promise of giving out psn codes.

Free PSN Codes


This site offers free psn codes by completing surveys and downloads. They are actually quit unique when it comes to fulfilling their promise. After you have completed the requirements you will download the code instantly. There are no other websites that offer this. In all cases you must have to wait around 3-5 business days before the code is sent to your email address. This isn't the case with PSNBOY. Once you have done your part Psnboy does their part by instantly allowing you to download the free psn codes.


Points2shop is a good website that offers free psn codes and other prizes for completing surveys and downloads.However, their points are very low and it would take quit a bit of time to complete the points required to claim the psn code. One you have earned your points you must claim the code and then wait about a week for the code to be sent to your email address.

3. Rewards1

R1 keeps their promise to fulfill every prize that is redeemed. They offer surveys and downloads for points just like psnboy and points2shop. They also have a slow time frame of when you claim your code to when it actually gets to you. This site have fulfilled many of our playstatiion network card code requests yet seems a little slow.

So we've just given you 3 websites that will do what they say and give you free psn codes. So you can rest assured that if you stick to these sites and earn the requirements then you will get a psn code without breaking your piggy bank.

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